Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Latest Coronavirus Updates (latest update: 24 August 2020)

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Twente Pathway College will be open for on campus teaching in September 2020. The college team is making all necessary preparations to start the year in such a way our students? will maximally benefit from physical presence. Both in learning and in student life. The College will continue to follow the approach of the Dutch government and the guidelines set by University of Twente. A safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff remains the highest priority.



Start your on campus programme in September

·       Safe teaching environment is our priority

·       All benefits of physical learning and life experience

·       Hybrid teaching to manage social distancing –
        mix of face to face and online as appropriate

·       All meaningful educational interaction to be face to face

·       On campus interaction in  smaller groups (indicative 15 students)

·       Student support and campus facilities (library, sports, food) open for you


Online learning from home in case you need to

·       Start from your home if you are logistical matters do not allow you to travel

·       Travel to the Netherlands once restrictions are lifted

·       Join face to face at any point between September and December

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Monday 24 August 2020

Teaching in September
Teaching in September will be on campus, as we have shared with you before. We will be able to teach in a safe and secure environment, which will obviously be among our highest priorities for this Fall semester and beyond. Both University of Twente and Twente Pathway College, as all in the country, follow the approach of the Dutch government and the guidelines set by University of Twente. A safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff remains the highest priority.

As you know the campus of the University of Twente is a big and green terrain, offering a right kind of student experience in all situations. And in these times a safe one. The space available, nearby facilities for daily life, the fact that no or only limited public transportation is required and obviously our approach to learning in these times underline why we think we can take away any concerns you may feel.

During the time to come, Twente Pathway College, like University of Twente, aims to ensure that meaningful interaction happens on a face to face basis, while elements of the study programme with limited teacher-student or student-student interaction will be online. This type of hybrid learning, combining online and on-campus learning, will be common across the world in the time to come. When teaching via face to face delivery we foresee to teach in smaller groups (indicative: 15 students) than usual to follow social distancing guidelines, and moreover, to guarantee the best learning outcomes.

Online delivery of term 1 for those who need to
In case logistical issues do not allow you to travel to the Netherlands in September we will offer you the option to start your first term via online learning. As soon as a student is able to travel during Term 1, the student moves to the Netherlands to enjoy all benefits of on campus learning and their new student life with us. In case you think this situation applies to you, please reach out to the student support team (student.support@twentepathway.nl, for further contact details check www.twentepathway.nl.

Friday 15 May 2020

In May 2020 University of Twente announced that all educational activities until summer break will online. We can now inform you that this will also apply for  lectures and examinations at Twente Pathway College. Until the end of this academic year we will be open and fully available for our students, however it will be via online delivery and online support. Our students are in the meantime thoroughly prepared for online examinations and at the moment our team of teachers is reviewing the test results of the term 3 mid-term exams which were also conducted online.

We would like to mention that our advice for current students on travelling remains the same. If you choose to travel, it might be difficult to return to the Netherlands for start your Bachelor’s programma at University of Twente. We understand this is a difficult decision to make looking at the Summer months ahead. Students may reach out to the Student Support Team to discuss their plans.

As of the end of August onwards, University of Twente will be opening up campus facilities again for education and research for the new academic year. The University has always been deeply committed to offering high quality, small-scale teaching and personalised learning to all of our students. What this implies for the coming year, is that we will provide as much contact time as is possible within Covid-19 government guidelines. At this stage, it is not yet possible to give a more detailed indication. Rule of thumb is that practicals, examinations and classes in which personal contact and direct interaction are indispensable, will be offered on campus as often as possible. Twente Pathway College will closely work with University to provide the best on-campus learning environment we can. Twente Pathway College will offer online alternative options for students who are not yet able to travel to the Netherlands to start their living and studying experience. We recommend you to read this article to gain further insights on UT’s vision on the academic year ahead.  


Thursday 7 May 2020

On 6 May 2020 the Dutch government announced a step by step plan to ease Covid-19 restrictions. The approach to bring the virus under control has worked well so far, so the government is able to give more freedom while urging people to continue to follow the main hygiene and social distancing rules and stay at home when they don’t feel well. 

Lifting of restrictions starts at local level, and therefore needing limited transportation movements and then gradually shifts to a national level. 

The Pathway College works closely with the partner university to set more precise policies and guidelines according to which on-campus education will be possible in a safe way. 

Some key elements of the step by step plan, in all cases staying at a 1.5m distance from other people applies:


 From 11 May the following will apply:

  • Stay at home turns into avoid busy locations, working from home continues to be recommended
  • Primary schools will reopen on 11 May
  • If following some more specific rules outdoor sports activities will be allowed
  • Hair dressers, opticians and most other people in contact-based roles will be able to reopen
  • Limited public transportation is available, face masks are advised

If the virus remains under control, the following will be possible from 1 June onwards:

  • Secondary schools will reopen
  • Cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theatres may reopen, subject to certain conditions
  • Museums will reopen
  • Public transportation to return to the regular timetables, passengers will be required to wear a face mask (since social distancing may not always be possible)

Expected adjustments from 15 June - If the virus remains under control, schools for vocational training reopen. Plans are being drawn up at the moment to physically reopen Universities of Applied Sciences and Research Universities.  

Expected adjustments from 1 July - Holiday parks will reopen. Cinemas, restaurants, cafés and cultural institutions may start receiving higher visitor volumes.   

Expected adjustments from 1 September - Indoor sports facilities may reopen for all ages. 

The Pathway College continues to expect to resume on campus teaching upon start of the September 2020 programme, following the policies set by the partner university. 


More information: https://www.government.nl/latest/news/2020/05/06/avoid-busy-places-and-stay-1.5-metres-away-from-others


Tuesday 21 April 2020

 The Netherlands will start reopening primary schools and day care centres from 11 May onwards. The decision to reopen schools is based on decreasing numbers of confirmed new cases and a wide range of additional research. Further educational institutions will continue to teach online.

The Dutch government is taking on a careful approach. It is extending the basic social distancing rules – working home and staying home as much as possible, as well as maintaining a 1.5 metre distance from others till 20 May. The government will keep a close eye on developments and remain alert.

For the full and latest Dutch national updates we continue to refer Dutch Government Website


Next update expected: 20 May 2020


Friday 27 March 2020

The University of Twente has just confirmed that all teaching and any examinations will be online until 1 June 2020. At TPC we will, of course, follow these guidelines. All TPC classes and any examinations will be online until 1 June 2020. However, if the Dutch government decides to relax the measures before 1st June to an extent whereby the University can reopen for face to face teaching and examinations, we will update you accordingly. Until that time, all the classes and any examinations will be online.

The content and quality of all our modules will stay the same, meaning students will be able to progress as normal upon successful completion of the Foundation year. We are confident that our students will really love the online classes we have prepared. We have lots of fun, engaging and, importantly, beneficial lessons ready!

Please follow the official Dutch Government website in English for updated concerning the most essential information and measurements.


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