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Cost of Living

Understand your what you need to budget for as a student

The Essentials

As well as your tuition fees, you will need to budget for monthly living costs which would include rent, bills, and food. You may also need to budget for one-off expenses related to your course, such as textbooks or equipment. Below are the costs of some general expenses to help understand how much you will spend each month.

According to Numbeo, a single person will spend an average of around €842 a month on top of their rent.

The Extras

Your time at university isn’t just about your degree; it’s a time when you’ll meet life-long friends, try new things, and discover a new city/country. Below are a few costs you might want to consider budgeting for to help you make the most of your time in Enschede.


Twente Pathway College offers different accommodation option to students new to the city.

There is a combination of public and private accommodation options available in Enschede. These are spread across the city, and we can advise on the options that are located on campus, or in the city centre – there’s an option that will suit you.

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