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Foundation in Business and Management

Key Information

Your Twente Pathway College International Foundation Year will prepare you for success in the University of Twente’s BSc in Management, Society & Technology or BSc in International Business Administration.


  • 3 terms


  • September


  • Enschede

Are you eager to tackle complex, social challenges and learn more about sustainability, crisis management, immigration or cyber-security? Then, BSc in Management, Society & Technology may be the right choice for you.

Do you see yourself helping organisations become more innovative, sustainable and successful, either in your own country or internationally?  In that case, BSc in International Business Administration may be the right choice for you.

Your Twente Pathway College International Foundation Year will prepare you for success at The University of Twente’s English-taught, top-rated Bachelor’s programmes in Business & Management.

TPC will help you develop attitudes and characteristics you will need to flourish in the unique Dutch and UT higher education method. You will focus on seven core characteristics during your time at TPC. These will underpin your approach to self-reliant learning and stay with you for a lifetime.

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Pathway structure

Stage 1: International Foundation 

The international foundation year consists of the following modules and terms:

  • English & Academic skills
  • Math for Business & Social Studies
  • Economics
  • Management & Organisation
  • Research Methods

Stage 2: First Year Degree 

You’ll enter University of Twente’s English-taught Bachelor’s programme in International Business Administration or Management, Society & Technology. You’ll familiarise yourself with the international corporate world, with a focus on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

You’ll be constantly expanding your international business and communication skills, as many of UT’s students and lecturers are from abroad, and UT frequently has guest lecturers from leading corporations.

Stages 3 & 4: Second and Third Year Degree 

Continue to pursue elective modules or spend part of your studies abroad.

Programme Structure 2024 - 2025

Business and Management

Term 1
Academic Literacy & Skills (5 ECTS)
Project 1 (4 ECTS)
Mathematics for Business & Social 1 (5 ECTS)
Economics (5 ECTS)
Soft skills (1 ECTS)


Term 2
Academic Literacy & Skills (5 ECTS)
Project 2 (4.5 ECTS)
Mathematics for Business & Social 2 (5 ECTS)
Management & Organisation (5 ECTS)
Soft skills (0.5 ECTS)


Term 3
Academic Literacy & Skills (5 ECTS)
Project 3 (4.5 ECTS)
Mathematics for Business & Social 3  (5 ECTS)
Research Methods (5 ECTS)
Soft skills (0.5 ECTS)


Please note the structures are subject to change.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching is delivered via a combination of lectures, seminars, and project-based group work (oral and written presentation). Assessment is via individual coursework (oral and written presentation) and examinations. You will be encouraged throughout to undertake independent study to supplement what is being taught/learnt and to broaden your personal knowledge.

Progression criteria

A minimum of 55% in all subjects to progress to the University.

If you finish successfully your foundation year in Business and Management, you have guaranteed progression to the BSc International Business Administration and Management, Society & technology.

Tuition fees

Understand what you will need to pay for your studies, from your foundation year through to your degree.

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Important dates

See all the important dates for your pathway, including application deadlines, enrolment, and term start dates.

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The University offers some financial support for students, as well as helping you find scholarships and bursaries available from your home country.

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What’s it like to study at Twente Pathway College?

Discover more about TPC

Twente Pathway College

Located right on the University of Twente campus, Twente Pathway College offers academic pathways that lead to the University of Twente’s globally recognised undergraduate degree programmes.

Choose TPC and you’ll be part of the inspirational learning environment designed to empower, evolve and challenge you on your journey towards the University of Twente (UT).

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University of Twente

The University of Twente is a research university ranked within the top 300 worldwide. Its unique interdisciplinary approach, combining technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences, prepares students for working in teams and creating solutions that people (and society) really need. Upon successful completion of your TPC pathway, you will be guaranteed progression and be prepared to enter the multi-disciplinary learning environment of your UT degree course.

With a vast international community, the ‘all-in-one’ UT campus provides the perfect environment for ambitious students to grow personally and academically.

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City of Enschede

With roughly 31,000 students and a wide range of clubs, bars, restaurants and theatres, Enschede is a vibrant and welcoming student city.

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