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Frequently Asked Questions

Application procedure

How do I apply for a place at The Twente Pathway College?

Apply by visiting Before you submit your application, please make sure that:

  • You know which programme you want to study
  • You know which date you want to start
  • Have electronic copies of passport, academic documents and evidence of English

You can also apply if you do not have all the above documents available yet. Our dedicated admissions team will assess the documents and, in many cases, will be able to provide you with a conditional offer letter based on documentation provided.

How quickly will I receive my offer?

If your qualification is listed in the on the website, you will in most cases receive an offer within 48 hours of completing the online application. If your qualification is not listed, Our admissions team will be in contact with you and ask you if more information is necessary.

How do I accept my offer?

You can accept your offer by following the instructions in your letter of offer. If you are waiting for your secondary school results and this is your last condition, you can provisionally accept the offer of the College. Simply complete the acceptance form and return along with proof of your deposit payment. Send these documents to and quote your student ID.

More information about our admission process can be check here.

Financial matters

What deposit amount do I pay to secure my place on the course?

To secure your place you must pay 50% of your course fee as indicated in your offer letter. You will then pay the remainder of your course fee before the start of your visa application.

By Dutch law, the Immigration Service (IND) also charges a € 228 administration fee (visa fee, subject to annual change) for the visa procedure. As Dutch health and liability insurance is a visa requirement, Students will need to organise it their own insurance. Twente Pathway College will provide information on the health insurance.

How can I pay my deposit?

You can pay your course fee deposit by bank transfer. Payment details are also specified on your offer letter.

Bank – CITIBANK EUROPE PLC, NL BRANCH, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Address: WTC Schiphol Tower D8, Schiphol Boulevard 257, 1118 BH Schiphol

Swift Code – CITINL2X

IBAN – NL11CITI2032288370

Account Number 2032288370

Account Name – Navitas Netherlands BV

Is there a payment deadline?

Yes, we can only accept payments up to 1 July. This is due to the visa process outlined below. You can pay on a conditional offer, even with specific documents outstanding. Check your offer letter for further information.

Find the most recent dates for the application process on Admissions > Admission Process.



Do I need a visa to study at The Twente Pathway College?

Most non-EU/EEA students require a visa to enter the Netherlands and all non-EU/EEA students require a residence permit after arrival. Please refer to the visa webpage to see if you require a visa and/or residence permit. As determined by Dutch law, the University is responsible for arranging a student visa and students cannot apply for a visa themselves.

Do I need an entry visa and/or residence permit?

When can I apply for my visa?

You can apply for your visa up to 5 months before the start of your degree. The exact date is determined by the University and mentioned in the visa pack. The College starts with providing visa information to all applicants from May onwards.

How do I arrange for my visa?

Once you have accepted your offer and paid the full tuition fee and visa fee, we will send you a Visa Pack with further information and the visa application documents. Provided you supply all necessary documents in time, application procedures at the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) will take approximately 4 – 6 weeks. Note that to start your visa process, you will need to have fully paid the tuition and visa fee.

Applicants from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nepal and Pakistan will have to take into account that their application may take 3-6 months to arrange. For this reason, applicants from these countries have an earlier application and visa deadline. Remember that you do not start the visa process yourself – you must wait for information from Twente Pathway College. After submitting your documents to TPC, college and the University of Twente jointly launch the application process.

Who issues my visa?

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) will issue your visa. It is run by the Ministry of Security and Justice and is the official national organization that handles all visa and residence permit applications in the Netherlands. If your application is approved, you will be asked to contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Passport, Visas & Consular Affairs) in your country. The embassy will let you know where to pick up your approved visa. NB if you live in a different country for a long time you can go to an embassy which is not in your country of origin.

What does my visa look like?

You will firstly get a visa sticker in your passport to enter the Netherlands and it is valid for 90 days. After arrival in The Netherlands, you will be given instructions of how to pick up your residence permit – this is a card you will receive after you have arrived and will be valid during your study.

What amount of money do I need show in my bank account when I apply for a visa?

Non-EU students are required to provide proof of sufficient financial means of € 15,000 to support the visa application. Please note that in addition to this the tuition fee has to be paid in full before the start of the visa process.

If there are any outstanding amounts (or if the bank statement is from an earlier date than the date you transferred the last tuition fee deposit), the amount due in tuition fees should be added in the minimum amount shown on your bank statement.

Do I require a TB test?

As an international student, you might be required by Dutch Immigration Law to have an X-ray scan of your lungs performed to check for tuberculosis at a local GGD office (Dutch Public Health Service, Gemeenschappelijke Gezondheids Dienst). Failure to have this test performed may endanger your immigration status to the Netherlands. More details about the test in relation to the visa application procedure will be in the Visa Pack you receive after accepting your offer letter and paying your deposit payment.

Will I get support to apply for a visa for family members?

No, Dutch study visa do not allow to bring family members. Also we are not able to support a (tourist) visa application for any family members.

When is the deadline for applying for visa?

Deadline for uploading all documents for the visa application: 1 July.

Find the most recent dates for the application process on Admissions > Admission Process.


Will I be supported to find accommodation?

Yes, as an international student we will fully support you in booking student housing for this first year of your stay in the Netherlands. We recommend you start booking early. The earlier you start the booking process, the surer you are to find a comfortable place to stay. Please note that room numbers are limited.

You can always reach out to the team for advice or support We will do our very best to provide accommodation to all students, however we are unable to guarantee a room if you apply late. Finding accommodation is your own responsibility.
On our website you can find our housing offer:

How can I get advice about finding accommodation?

If you have questions or if you would like to receive further advice, please reach out to the college via After you have contacted us, we will start offering support. Please keep in mind that finding accommodation is your own responsibility. A permanent address is required for visa purposes.
We discourage travelling to University of Twente without having secured a suitable place to live as this is a requirement to legally stay in the country. You can check our website: On our website you can find all relevant information: for more information.

Work in The Netherlands

Once I am studying in the Netherlands, can I work part-time?

As an international student looking for a job you can work 16 hours a week under your Dutch residence permit, 3 months full time during Summer.

Is it mandatory to learn Dutch if I want to work in the Netherlands?

It’s not mandatory to learn Dutch, but it will greatly improve your chances of finding a job during or after your studies. Some employers won’t hire you if you’re unable to understand and/or speak the Dutch language at a fair level. Jobs where English is the main working language are in the minority. However, the great thing: it is very easy to live and study in the Netherlands without being able to speak Dutch. Pretty much all Dutch people speak English as a second language.

Practical matters

Do I require insurance?

All residents of the Netherlands are obliged by Dutch law to have health insurance and personal liability insurance. Additional insurance to cover the costs of repatriation is strongly recommended. Twente Pathway College uses the services of the AON insurance company and more details will be provided in the Visa Pack and on

Due to demands, AON (our insurance provider) has arranged webinars for EEA and Non-EEA students.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Aon Student Insurance
  • What is and what is not insured
  • Laws and regulations EEA and Non-EEA students
  • Law and regulations for part-time job
  • Importance of taking out insurance (healthcare costs, etc.)
  • Healthcare system NL
  • What to do in case of calamities
  • How to claim

Post study work permit

Study and post-work employment options

During your studies, you are allowed to work up to 16 hours a week or you can work full-time during your summer holidays. As the foundation programme is quite intensive we usually recommend that students who want to work do so over the summer, instead of during the academic year.

After graduating, you are eligible to stay for one year applying for jobs thanks to The Netherlands’ Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment.

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