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City of Enschede

Studying in Enschede is a rewarding and unique experience

Are you looking for an exciting and vibrant place to study in the Netherlands? Look no further than the University of Twente in the beautiful city of Enschede! With a student population of 31,000, this research university offers a wide range of programs in engineering, technology, and social sciences.


Enschede itself is a lively and welcoming city that is perfect for students. The city center is filled with shops, cafes, clubs, and restaurants to suit any taste, and there are plenty of theaters and cinemas to keep you entertained. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love the many sports facilities and green spaces in and around the city.

What’s more, Enschede’s location near the German border provides a gateway to explore other vibrant European cities during your studies. You can easily plan a weekend getaway to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Prague, or Madrid – the options are endless!

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Facts about Enschede:

  • The city has 158,261 inhabitants consisting of 158 nationalities and students make up 20% of the city’s population
  • De Oude Markt has earned the nickname ‘The Living Room’ as it is surrounded by different bars and cafes, making it a popular spot to socialise
  • Enschede’s city centre houses over 300  shops and on Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a market where you can buy fresh and affordable groceries
  • Enschede is a very green city with over 10 parks and very clean air quality
  • You can easily travel to other European cities like Berlin and Paris within 4-5 hours
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