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The Netherlands

Study in one of the happiest countries in the world

Studying in The Netherlands is a richly rewarding experience. A safe and happy country by international standards, life in The Netherlands is peaceful and productive. Cities are easy to navigate by bike or public transportation with affordable travel options for students. The Dutch people are globally respected for their open-minded, international and innovative perspectives, and over 95% of the Dutch people speak English.

The Netherlands has a population of around 17,000,000 and a student population of around 329,000. Students come from all over the world to take advantage of the country’s excellent education system.

Strong economy

The Netherlands has a robust economy with lots of national and international companies looking to take on graduates. International students can apply for a post-study Orientation Year residence permit, which allows them (and their partner/spouse) to live and work without restriction in the Netherlands for a year after their graduation.

Dutch educational system

Education in the Netherlands is much more cost-effective than other English-taught programmes in the UK or US, for example. The Dutch education system is very highly regarded globally, so students will receive high-quality teaching and an internationally recognised degree at a lower price tag.

Why study in The Netherlands

  • Globally respected for its open-minded, international perspective
  • Known for interactive education focused on teamwork and independent, proactive thinking
  • Home to world-famous architects (Koolhaas, Mecanoo), engineers (Cornelis Lely, Philips), artists (Rembrandt, Van Gogh) & entertainment stars (Armin van Buuren)
  • A safe country by international standards
  • Well-organized and safe public transport network
  • One of the happiest countries in the world
  • Easy to explore the rest of Europe from The Netherlands
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