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Your pathway to the University of Twente

Future-proof education in the Netherlands

Dutch education is based on student-led learning, open dialogue and hands-on experience, resulting in one of the most innovative and forward-thinking systems in the world.

The University of Twente’s unique teaching model (abbreviated TOM in Dutch) focuses on hands-on, project-based, and student-driven learning. At the UT, we distinguish three different roles you can take on in a team or as a professional: researcher, designer or organizer. Throughout your studies, we’ll help you discover which one best suits you.

Twente Pathway College is your on-campus route into this forward-thinking University located in the heart of Enschede.

A student guide to succeed at TPC

Are you coming to study at Twente Pathway College – TPC in the Netherlands? What is expected from you to achieve great results? Our webinar provides essential information and helpful tips for succeeding academically at TPC so that you can successfully study at the University of Twente . Learn from our student support team and teachers about the university’s approach to teaching and learning, academic expectations, and strategies for success.

Tuesday, 6 June – 10am (CET) – Registration

The Netherlands Visa Process

If you’re an international student planning to study at the Twente Pathway College (TPC) in the Netherlands, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Join our workshop to learn everything you need to know about the visa application process, including the required documents, timelines, and procedures.

Friday, 2 June – 4pm (CET) – Registration

Female student on laptop with male lecturer

Careers and Employability

International students can apply for a post-study Orientation Year residence permit, which allows them to live and work without restriction in the Netherlands for a year after their graduation.

The Netherland has a robust economy with lots of national and international companies looking to take on graduates.

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