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Student Testimonials

When looking for your next step in your academic life, it is also important to know more about our previous students’ experiences in the Netherlands, at our College and at the University of Twente.

About The Netherlands

Gilberto playing the piano

I think the Netherlands is one of the perfect examples of how the mindset of citizens matters to make a great place. The people here are very open and friendly, and they are always eager to help others, they find it easy to enjoy the simple things in life. The Netherlands is so great country not only because of its security, its infrastructure, the education and the development it has, but because of the people who make it.

Gilberto Martinez from Mexico

The Netherlands is a great country with high English proficiency and well connected with public transportation.

Tim Gilda from the USA

About TPC

Tim relaxing on campus outside

TPC has given me a great opportunity to adjust to living abroad as well as obtaining the education I need to succeed here and be prepared for the style of education offered at the University of Twente. I particularly liked the TPC education, it helped strengthen my understanding and I learned more things that were skipped over in my previous courses.

Tim Gilda from the USA
Anna in lecture classroom

TPC offers active learning. I’m encouraged to participate actively, to study, to apply and practice what I’ve learned. Also, I find the classes very interactive with questions and discussions. During lectures, interaction between students is very common. I really like that teacher can be consulted. [As a student] You do have your own responsibility and you are expected to be pro-active and independent.

Anna Kostiuchenko from Ukraine

I am taking Mathematics, Physics, Academic project courses. Those courses are conducted in two ways. We are taking lectures in a big group, and then, we take seminars in small groups to discuss what we learned during the lecture. I think that it is one of strengths of TPC because we can learn creativity and teamwork through communication between students and teachers.

Joseph Lee from South-Korea

About the University of Twente

As a UT student, I balance my time between classes throughout the week and self-study as well as staying active and hanging out with friends.

Simon Wong from Malaysia
Mohamed at campus main entrance

Studying at University of Twente is a priceless milestone I am proud to have taken. High quality education in the heart of Western Europe, surrounded with students from all over the globe, I cannot think of more motivation to pursue my BSc Engineering Degree!

Mohamed Quassem from Egypt
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