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Why Study Here

A leading university in the heart of Europe

The University of Twente is a world-leading university, excelling in research areas such as nanotechnology, engineering, ICT, and biomedicine. Thanks to this research, the University of Twente has a wide-reaching global impact, proving solutions to some of the most important challenges of our times.

The University’s unique teaching philosophy, which focuses on project-led education, makes graduates attractive candidates to prospective employers.

Global Reputation

Among the world’s 18,000 universities, the University of Twente in The Netherlands is ranked among the top 300. Its six research institutes have a world-class reputation in many areas.

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Research and Impact

The University of Twente is a technical university, with a focus on research. The university is home to more than 1,000 researchers working daily on relevant societal challenges in a variety of disciplines on campus.

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Business and Innovation

The University of Twente is at the core of society and has an outward-looking perspective. Strategic Business Development supports the UT community in connecting our excellent research to external needs.

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International Campus

The University of Twente is the only all-in-one campus university in the Netherlands. The University offers a variety of on campus services, including a medical centre, counselling facilities, a hotel, sport and cultural facilities and much more.

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Teaching Approach

Our unique Twente Education Model (abbreviated TOM in Dutch) makes studying more effective, more future-proof and a lot more fun, too.

The Twente Education Model is characterized by the integration of project-led education and other teaching methods in thematic fulltime study units known as ‘modules’. Each module has one central theme with a variety of learning activities.

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