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The University of Twente will apply for a student visa for all non-EER students who join a course of Twente Pathway College. 


Entry visa

By Dutch law students cannot apply for visa themselves. All applications for (entry) visa and residence permits are therefore coordinated by the University of Twente.

If you require and entry visa, you or your agent will be contacted by email to guide you through every step of the visa application process. Once you confirmed you offer of admission you will receive this visa pack with clear instructions. Due to the limited validity of the entry visa, we will start sending out visa information packs from around mid-May 2023 onwards. The final visa application deadline for September 2023 intake is set at 8 July 2023.


Who requires a visa?

That depends on your nationality.

  • EU/EEA, Switzerland: No entry visa required, no residence permit required. 
  • Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea or USA: No entry visa required, a residence permit required for stays of 90 days or more.
  • All others: An entry visa required and a residence permit required for stays of 90 days or more.

Residence permit
You do not need to apply for your residence permit separately. The University of Twente will apply for both your residence permit and/or your visa at the same time. You will receive your residence permit shortly after your arrival in the Netherlands.


Required visa documents

  • Completed visa forms (issued between May and 1 July)
  • A copy of all pages of your passport (the passport should be valid for at least 6 months and signed)
  • Full tuition fee paid to Twente Pathway College, prior to visa application
  • A bank statement not older than 3 months showing sufficient funds for cost of living (The cost of living minimum requirement is € 12,000 for the full year, subject to regular change)
  • If providing a bank statement is not an option because of your documentation not meeting the immigration requirements, we alternatively offer you the option to transfer the first year's cost of living to the College. Upon opening a bank account in the Netherlands, the living expenses will be fully refunded to your new Dutch bank account (no administrative charge)
  • Antecedents certificate (form Dutch Immigration department IND)
  • Declaration of intent to undergo a TB test (for students from a number of countries only)

Additional requirements for Chinese applicants

Nationals of the People’s Republic of China need to obtain a NUFFIC certificate as a validation of their qualifications, in addition to their English language test score documents. The University of Twente needs your NUFFIC certificate (formally known as ‘NESO certificate’) for your visa application (


Additional requirements for applicants from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nepal and Pakistan
Due to more stringent Dutch visa regulations the following additional regulations apply in order to help you start your studies at Twente Pathway College in time:

  • Early application deadline of 1 May 2023 – Considering the 3-month visa application process for the countries mentioned, we encourage to send in applications as soon as possible. 
  • Full payment and visa documentation must have been received by us by 1 May 2023. Please note, students from the countries above may be requested to transfer their full tuition fee and living expenses to the college instead of providing bank statements to proof their financial status.
  • Our team will invite applicants from above-mentioned countries for an obligatory (telephone or online) interview.

Good to know

  • Your visa will be issued for the entire duration of your studies and includes the opportunity of an additional one-year post-study visa to find a job in Holland
  • Your visa will allow you to travel to other Schengen countries
  • Your visa will allow you to work for 16 hours per week or 3 months full time during Summer
  • All non-EU nationals need to go through the visa process, also if from a country not requiring an entry visa.