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University of Twente

Why study at the University of Twente?

Among the world's 18,000 universities, the University of Twente (UT) in The Netherlands belongs to the top 200. Its six research institutes have a world-class reputation in many areas, including nanotechnology, biomedical technology, information technology, governance studies, sustainable energies and high-tech systems. With tuition fees set at a reasonable €14,560 per year, you'll receive a world-class education at an affordable price.

High tech human touch

UT's unique interdisciplinary approach - combining technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences - provides you with the opportunity to work in teams and create solutions that people and society really need.

Hands-on, project-based education

The Twente Education Model is characterized by the integration of project-led education and other teaching methods in thematic fulltime study units known as 'modules'. Each module has one central theme with a variety of learning activities: lectures, workshops and feedback sessions with fellow students. The centre piece of each module is a team project in which, working with other students, you address a real-world problem, putting your learning into practice and preparing your for career success beyond your studies.

A colorful, multicultural community

With over 80 nationalities, the University of Twente is a diverse and welcoming community. Most of UT's programmes are English-taught and students frequently interact with one another through team project work and lively feedback sessions. Through your studies at UT you'll become a global citizen, equipped for working in varying international contexts.

Everything from the nano-lab to Starbucks. The campus covers 146 hectares, or about 200 football fields. Together with the other campus inhabitants, you'll find everything you need for studying, working and living. From libraries and laboratories to fitness and sports facilities. On campus there are facilities for almost any sport you can imagine such as baseball, beach volleyball, archery and even muggle quidditch.

Here's a small glimpse of our vast amount of facilities:

  • A high tech simulation lab for Technical Medicine
  • The Virtual Reality Lab
  • The Designlab
  • Super sonic wind tunnels
  • The Netherlands' first robotic ecosystem
  • The RaM lab (Robotics and Mechatronics)
  • Free wifi, ATMs, charging points for bicycles and cars
  • A quiet room, student chaplain and a mosque area
  • A supermarket, an employment agency and more
  • Great cafés and restaurants, like Theatercafé de Vrijhof, Subway and Starbucks Coffee