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The Netherlands

Studying in The Netherlands turns out to be a richly rewarding experience. A safe and happy country by international standards, life in The Netherlands is peaceful and productive. Cities are easy to navigate by bike or public transportation with affordable travel options for students. The Dutch people are globally respected for their open-minded, international and innovative perspectives, and over 95% of the Dutch people speak English.

Benefit of studying in The Netherlands

  • Home to over 16.8 million people
  • Globally respected for its open-minded, international perspective
  • Known for interactive education focused on teamwork and independent, proactive thinking
  • Home to world-famous architects (Koolhaas, Mecanoo), engineers (Cornelis Lely, Philips), artists (Rembrandt, Van Gogh) & entertainment stars (Armin van Buuren)
  • A safe country by international standards
  • Well-organized and safe public transport network
  • Most people here speak English

Explore Enschede

The University of Twente is located in Enschede, a city located minutes from the German border. iI's just a city-hop away from Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Prague or Madrid: a true gateway to Europe. Just like the UT, Enschede is not only friendly, but a city of learning and innovation, too. It's home to Novel-T (a foundation whose mission is to develop an innovation- and entrepreneurship-friendly climate in the Twente region), Saxion University of Applied Sciences, music and pop academies, an international school and an art school - as well as the UT, of course.

Discover Enschede

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