2019-2020 Academic Year Tuition Fees

Programme 2019-2020 Fees*
International Foundation Year EU Passport Holders & Non-EU Students: €14,000 p/y
Bachelor Fees EU Passport Holders: €2,083 p/.y
Non-EU Students: €9000-10,500 p/y depending on the degree
Visa Fee


Additional insurance fee will also be applied. 

Insurance is not optional. 

* Amounts above may be subject to annual change.

How to Pay Your Deposit

1. What deposit amount do I pay to secure my place on the course?

To secure your place, you must pay 50% of your course fee as indicated in your offer letter. You will then pay the remainder of your course fee before the start of your visa application.

By Dutch law, the Immigration Service (IND) also charges a € 192 administration fee (2018 visa fee, subject to annual change) for the visa procedure. As Dutch health and liability insurance is a visa requirement the University will make visa arrangements and charge the insurance fee during the visa process along with the visa fee. These fees need to be paid separately to the University and not to Navitas so please check that these fees are paid to the appropriate bank account mentioned in the visa documents.

2. How can I pay my deposit?

You can pay your course fee deposit by bank transfer - please see below. Payment details are also specified on your offer letter.


Bank – CITIBANK EUROPE PLC, NL BRANCH,  Netherlands, Amsterdam

Swift Code – CITINL2X

IBAN – NL11CITI2032288370

Account Number 2032288370

Account Name – Navitas Netherlands BV


3. Is there a payment deadline?

Yes, we can only accept payments up to 1st July 2019 due to the visa process. You can pay on a conditional offer, even with documents outstanding. You must then satisfy all outstanding document requirements by 15th July 2019.