UT is the only "American-style" campus in the Netherlands, meaning you can both live and study on UT's large, park-like campus.


Not all UT students live on-campus. You can also choose to live in the city of Enschede. There is no shortage of rooms and housing in Enschede, which means prices are relatively low. The University of Twente helps international students find furnished accommodation on- and off-campus. We always take your personal preferences and needs into account.

All rooms are private, while bathroom and kitchen facilities are often shared with other students. The rent for furnished housing varies from € 300 to € 450 per month for on-campus, shared facilities, and € 320 to € 770 per month for off-campus, private facilities. You can register on our online housing platform to respond to housing offers. Visa students who apply for accommodation, are guaranteed to receive an offer for accommodation.

TIP: be sure to start house-hunting in time!