UT is the only "American-style" campus in the Netherlands, meaning you can both live and study on UT's large, park-like campus.Not all UT students live on-campus. You can also choose to live in the city of Enschede. Housing prices are relatively low.

During the foundation year

We understand your need for comfortable and safe student accommodation. Twente Pathway College will offer assistance in booking student housing for this first year of your stay in Holland. Our offer will consist of new and well-designed private en-suite studio apartments with kitchenette. The apartments will be furnished and provide the opportunity to get kitchen utensils, bed linen and towels delivered to your room. All ready to start the experience of living in Enschede. Joint facilities will include common areas to meet with friends, a laundry area and storage space for your bicycle. The rent for accommodation via Twente Pathway College will be ranging from around € 600 to € 770, including all additional service charges.
Arranging housing yourself demands a lot of time and it is difficult to know where you will live exactly when you are not able to have a look yourself before signing a contract with a housing provider. We therefore strongly advice you to make use of TPC’s housing offering. We discourage traveling to Enschede without having secured a suitable place to live.

After the foundation year

Once you successfully finish the foundation year and are ready to start your Bachelor’s programme at the University of Twente, you will most probably relocate. You will have plenty of opportunities, depending on the lifestyle you choose and the budget you have. University of Twente may assist in finding suitable accommodation, but you may also choose to find your own apartment, or share an apartment with your new international friends.
The rent for furnished housing varies from € 300 to € 600 per month for on-campus, shared facilities, and € 320 to € 770 per month for off-campus, private facilities.