Latest Corona virus updates (COVID-19)

Pre-Departure Information



Most of the corona rules have been dropped. This does not mean that Covid-19 is fully gone. It is still important to be alert and look out for each other. Pleas find the latest information via the links below.

Before arrival

We will send all students who are going to start with us in September a pre-departure guide by email. Would you like to discover how to prepare for your arrival in the Netherlands now?
Please click here to open the pdf.

You are also invited to join one of our pre-departure webinars:
Sign-up for the webinar on the 9th of August at 10:00 CET time here:

Sign-up for the webinar on the 16th of August at 16:30 CET time here:

To catch that campus feeling click here.
To see what a day in the life of TPC former student Jorge Davo looks like click here 

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!



Do you need a visa or a residence permit to study in Holland? If that is the case, you have received your visa pack after the admissions process and should have provided your visa application to us already. If you have any questions about it, please contact the college directly, or ask your usual contact person.

Do I need an entry visa and/or Residence Permit?


Entry visa required

Residence Permit required

A.       EU/EEA, Switzerland



B.       Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea or USA


Yes, for stays of 90 days or more

C.       All others


Yes, for stays of 90 days or more

A multiple-entry Schengen visa allows travel and study-related trips to Schengen countries. For an overview of all Schengen countries visit:


What should I do when I have received my Entry Visa (MVV)?

If you need an entry visa (MVV) to enter the Netherlands: Make an appointment with the Dutch embassy/Consulate General you selected in your visa application documents as soon as possible, waiting times can vary, and in regular times could be up to around 3 weeks. Please consult the website to find out more about the embassy of your choice and reach out to them directly about further information to collect the entry visa.
In case you come across any issues, feel welcome to reach out to the college for advice.

Take the right documents to the appointment indicated in your approval letter. As soon as your Regular Provisional Residence Permit / Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijft (MVV) Entry visa sticker is in the passport, you are able to travel to The Netherlands. The Student Service Office will inform you how to send the digital copy for our records.

What are the next steps to receive my residence permit once in the Netherlands?
Information about picking up the residence permit card will automatically be received a couple of weeks after arrival in The Netherlands.
If you are from a country not requiring a visa to enter the Netherlands: you can travel to the Netherlands with only the IND Confirmation letter stating that you receive a residence permit (kennisgeving). The IND needs your fingerprints, signature and passport photo (Dutch guidelines for passport photos) for the residence card. In regular times students go to an IND desk within 2 weeks after arrival in The Netherlands to provide biometric information. You need to make an appointment online to visit an IND desk.

Which official documents should I bring with me to the Netherlands?

Moving to another country can be an overwhelming experience and proper organization is necessary to make it a smooth process. Click here for the list to help you prepare your departure.
Please note: A translated birth certificate for registration in the municipality is not necessary if you live in Enschede. However, another municipality such as Hengelo might ask for it.

Have you arranged accommodation?
Are you still looking for accommodation, then we advise you to undertake action right now! Kindly note that it is your own responsibility to find accommodation and we can only advice you or give suggestions. Have a look at our website where we have listed suitable housing providers and steps to take.

If you have questions or if you would like to receive further advice, you can always reach out to the college via
We discourage traveling to University of Twente without having secured a suitable place to live as this is a requirement to legally stay in the country and that in cases students may need a suitable place to self-quarantine after arrival.
Please note: It is necessary to register at the municipality within 3 months of your arrival. For the registration at the municipality you need a housing contract. 


How can I organize health insurance (compulsory for all students)?

All international students in the Netherlands are required by law to be properly insured for health and third-party liability for the duration of their studies. These arrangements must be made before you arrive in the Netherlands and for the full duration of the International Foundation Year.

We recommend all students to take out the AON Complete+ insurance. ICS Complete Plus covers all your medical costs and liability in the Netherlands.

Register for Aon Complete+ via Aon's website. the AON Complete+ insurance

NOTE: Select a start date prior to your planned departure date, and an end date either the end of the academic year (30 June 2022 or 31 August 2022 depending on your summer plans).


How should EU students be insured?

If you are insured under the national health insurance scheme of an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, your insurance company can provide you with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Travelling to Enschede

How can I travel from Schiphol Airport to Enschede?

Airport Pickup Service – Schiphol Airport

Will you arrive in the Netherlands soon and you need a taxi to bring you from Schiphol Airport to your new home in Enschede? We have listed atwo  providers which offer transportation from Schiphol Amsterdam to Enschede (1.5 hour drive).

  • Schiphol taxis
    You can book 24/7 via their website or via +31 850653670. You can pay online or in the taxi.
  • Taxi Huub
    You can book by sending an email to or via 31634385450.

Travelling by Train from Amsterdam Schiphol

If you wish to travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and travel to Enschede by public transport, you can take a train easily. A direct intercity train to Enschede leaves Schiphol train station every hour. Other train connections need one easy change.

To watch a video from Amsterdam Schiphol to University of Twente click here.

Settling In

How can I register at the municipality of Enschede?

All students intending to stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months must register with the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). TPC will arrange your appointment with the municipality of Enschede on the campus during the induction week. We will send you more detailed information in a separate email.

Should you arrive in a different time, please go to the municipality individually. You can make an appointment yourself.
Once registered you will receive a letter from the municipality stating your citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN). The BSN is your unique personal ID for all Dutch authorities. It is important keep the letter you received from the municipality on file and make a note of your BSN number as it will only be issued once.


How can I open a Dutch bank account?  Can I open a bank account when I’m a minor?

Opening a bank account can be a lengthy process if you do not have your Dutch citizen number yet (BSN-number). Please keep in mind that in The Netherlands credit cards are not widely accepted. A Dutch or European debit card will make your daily life a lot easier. Minors may open a bank account, but very often they have to meet certain conditions. 

If you have a bank account in a country that is not a member of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) we would advise you open a Dutch bank account.  

Click here for an overview

  • of the different banks, you can choose from
  • what is applicable if you are a minor student.
  • how you can make an (online) appointment with a bank.

Do I require a TB test?

For certain countries of origin, one of the conditions of obtaining a study visa for The Netherlands is to undergo a medical test for Tuberculosis (TB). Are you unsure if you need a TB test? Check here if you are exempted.
If you need to undergo a TB test, it will be completed by the Dutch Health Clinic GGD after your arrival in The Netherlands. One week before the start of the induction week you will receive an e-mail with information about the appointment, your timeslot and how to re-arrange a TB-test appointment if you are not in the Netherlands on that specific day. If you are required to undergo a TB test and you fail to take one within 3 months of arrival, you will put your residence permit at risk.


How can I choose a General Practitioner (GP)?

In the Netherlands your general practitioner (huisarts) should always be your initial contact for all medical matters. The GP has access to many hospital facilities and can - on short notice if necessary – refer you to medical specialists. He or she will keep your medical record up to date and prescribes your medication.

You can choose your GP yourself. Most GP’s will only register you as their patient if you live in the service area of their practice. That is because your GP must be able to reach your home address within 15 minutes in emergencies.

You may find a suitable practice by asking other internationals or by using websites like Zorgkaart or kiesuwhuisarts.

Near Plaza (for students live on Campus only):


What is life in Enschede like?

Enschede is a medium sized city and is located close to the German border. It is not only a safe and friendly city, but a city of learning and innovation. It is home to Novel-T (a foundation whose mission is to develop an innovation- and entrepreneurship-friendly climate in the Twente region), Saxion University of Applied Sciences, music and pop academies, an international school and an art school - as well as the UT, of course.
With 31,000 students and a wide range of clubs, bars, restaurants and theatres, Enschede has earned the right to call itself a vibrant student city. They ‘ll never run out of things to do in Enschede.
Click here to find out more about Enschede. 

Starting Your Studies

Is Twente Pathway College teaching on campus?

Twente Pathway College will be offering face-to-face teaching on campus in September 2022. This allows students to maximally benefit from physical presence. Both in learning and in student life. Our students will return to solid hybrid teaching models, as we have successfully introduced in September 2020. 


When should I arrive at the college?
The induction week starts 12 September 2022 and classes on 19 September. We advise you to arrive at the latest a few days before the start of the induction week. You will have so time to settle in.


12- 16 September 2022

During the introduction, you will get a clear understanding of what the upcoming months will look like and your expectation in the academic point of view. TPC will also help you arrange formalities like registration at the program to first steps towards registration at the municipality of Enschede, register you as in the school system and the necessary arrangements for your residence permit. A detailed induction schedule outlining the above will be sent to you shortly.


How can I get support from Twente Pathway College in the weeks to come?
Student Services provides guidance and support to our students during the International Foundation Year. The dedicated staff will assist with everything from arranging formalities upon arrival, setting up the timetable and providing off-campus activities. You will meet with our Student Services Officers team during the Induction Week.
Our dedicated team is always available to provide the right level of care and support. Students who have questions can contact us via or +31 (0)53-4891515. 

What are the term dates for the academic year 2022 / 2023?

Academic year 2022 – 2023

Induction week

12 September

16 September

Term 1

19 September

9 December

Winter Holiday

26 December

3 January

Term 2

12 December

17 March

Spring Holiday

20 March

24 March

Term 3

27 March

16 June

Official last day

28 July



Bank holidays

Good Friday / Goede Vrijdag

7 April

Easter Sunday / Eerste Paasdag

9 April

Easter Monday / Tweede Paasdag

10 April

King's Day / Koningsdag

27 April

Liberation Day / Bevrijdingsdag

5 May

Ascension Day / Hemelvaartsdag

18 May

Whit (Pentecost) Sunday / Eerste Pinksterdag

28 May

Whit (Pentecost) Monday / Tweede Pinksterdag

29 May


How can I get my student ID card?

Your student number is key to getting access to WIFI on campus, the library, sports facilities etc.

In order to arrange this, we need your e-mail address and photo. You are requested to upload these on our website  You can find the requirements for the student photo via the link here.


Do I need to bring a laptop?

During your studies you will need a laptop or a tablet. You can bring your own laptop from home, or you can buy one in Enschede. Make sure you have your devices ready before your study starts.


How can I order my books?

Shortly, you will receive information with the list of book(s) that you need for your study.


Will I get access to all on campus facilities?
Your student number is key to getting access to (very fast) Wi-Fi on campus, the library, sports facilities, as well as many other facilities across our campus. In order to arrange this, we need your e-mail address and photo. You are requested to upload these on our website  You can find the requirements for the student photo via the link here.


How can I get in contact with the college?
Student Service Office (for current students)

Telephone: +31534891515