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Travelling to Enschede from Schiphol airport

Posted on: August 04, 2021

Travelling to Enschede

How can I travel to the college after my arrival at the airport? 
Will you arrive in the Netherlands soon and you need a taxi to bring you from Schiphol Airport to your new home in Enschede? An airport pick-up service is arranged to make your arrival in the Netherlands as smooth as possible. TCP is 1,5 hours situated from Schiphol Amsterdam airport. 

Below you can see some reliable taxi companies that we suggest:

Preferred option:

Safe & Sound:

  • When available: 27 August – 12 September 2021
  • Service offered: Pre-Booked Grouped Rides and Private Cars from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.
  • For whom: TPC Students and their family
  • Price: 125 EUR for a group ride / 320 EUR for a private car for groups of up to 6 people

Other options:

  • Schiphol taxis
    You can book 24/7 via their website or via +31 850653670. You can pay online or in the taxi.
  • Taxi Huub
    You can book by sending an email to or via 31634385450.

Travelling by train from Amsterdam Schiphol
If you wish to travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and travel to Enschede by public transport, you can take a train easily. A direct intercity train to Enschede leaves Schiphol train station every hour. Other train connections need one easy change.

To watch a video from Amsterdam Schiphol to University of Twente click here.