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In the spotlight: Shujie Wu!

Posted on: February 18, 2021

In the spotlight: Shujie Wu from China!

Shujie is currently studying the foundation programme at TPC towards a Psychology bachelor programme at the University of Twente. He shares with us his experience about the Netherlands, living on campus, his teachers, and the city of Enschede.


High level of English and open-minded Dutch culture
My first impressions of the Netherlands after arriving were pretty good. Before coming to the Netherlands, I had already heard of the high ratio of people able to communicate in English, but it was truly impressive when I experienced it from the taxi driver to the municipality staff who were all quite fluent in English. It is rare how a foreign student can dwell so fast in a country which English is not its official language in the mainland.
I appreciate the openness and the perspective of being straight-forward& frank of the Dutch culture, it makes it easier to approach strangers and saves a considerable amount of time in a sense.

Smooth transition from high school to university  
The teachers and SSO staff are overall responsible and approachable. The IFY shares the similar pattern of learning as UT, emphasis on the project-based terms. It provides an efficient and smooth transition between high school and University; I am glad I chose TPC. The college offers extra time for students to make the final decision regarding the major, provides introductory knowledge to certain majors so the students can have better understandings before making their life career- related decision, if the majors are what they expected or desired to learn for the next 4 to 10 years.

Only real campus in the Netherlands
TPC is located within the UT campus, Enschede which is the only “real campus” here in the Netherlands. Living in the campus, or just in the vicinity of it in Enschede provides great atmosphere in terms of living environment, relatively low costs of living in the Netherlands, and social events (once again, affected by COVID temporarily). Personally, what I enjoy the most is the academic environment in this small town with great nature, it certainly helps me to concentrate when I do not want many distractions, as it would be a different story in cities like Amsterdam.