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Meet our maths teacher Job van Staveren

Posted on: October 01, 2020

In the next few weeks we will introduce some our teachers to you. First in a row will be Job van Staveren teacher Mathematics Business and Social Studies



Job van Staveren, teacher Mathematics Business and Social Studies.


'I have studied Civil Engineering at the University of Twente. When finished I realised that I wanted to work in education, so I’ve done a Minor in teaching. I love to teach: the contact with students and the challenge to pass the enthusiasm for mathematics to them. 
I consider mathematics as a pillar to solve problems. It is like solving a puzzle. If you find answers and then still keep on asking questions, you will develop an open critical mind. This attitude will help you further in many different fields.
I am teaching face to face on campus, but also online. Teaching online is different, but has its advantages. It is easier to interact via a poll or the chat function. It gives an impression of the student’s level and where he or she might need extra support.
The atmosphere at TPC is open and teachers and students have good contact. That is a general feature in Dutch education: teachers are very approachable. 
My advice to students is to discover what you are passionate about. It will enlarge your chance of success.'