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Student Teams Twente push the limit of technology!

Posted on: March 03, 2021

Student Teams Twente push the limits of technology!

The University of Twente has dozens of student initiatives. One of them are the Student Teams Twente. These students work on great technical and innovative projects on the road, in the water and in the air. They design and build sustainable vehicles and compete against teams from other universities around the globe.

The Student Teams Twente

  • Solar team:  drives sustainable innovation through challenging terrain
  • Green team: pushes the limits of hydrogen efficiency
  • Solar boat team: turns head while conquering the water
  • Drone team: pushes new exciting technology in the air
  • Robo team: programs the future of intelligent robots
  • Esports team: merge gaming, research and performance

Do you want to know more about the teams and what they are working on? Check the video.