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In the spotlight: Viktoriya Li

Posted on: January 27, 2021

In the spotlight: Viktoriya Li

Meet Viktoriya Li from Kazakhstan currently studying the foundation programme at TPC towards a Technical Computer Science programme at the University of Twente.

Viktoriya provides you with an insight into her first impressions of the Netherlands and her first experiences of studying with us at TPC.

Easy to communicate with locals
When I first came to the Netherlands I was just traveling with my family. The people were nice and friendly and as soon as they understood that I do not speak Dutch they immediately switched to English, without being rude.

Bicycles everywhere
For me it was nice to know that people and the government do care about the environment. It was also fascinating to see huge amounts of bicycles everywhere. The country has gorgeous landscapes and nature, which I really enjoy!

International community
What I really love about studying at Twente Pathway College is that it is very diverse here. My fellow students are from different countries and it is awesome to learn about others’ cultures, traditions, and languages.
Furthermore, the teachers create an amicability-based environment, where I’m not stressed about me being treated the wrong way. In my experience the teachers are understanding and nice.

Good living in Enschede
I enjoy studying on campus very much and communicating with everyone in real life. Quarantine made me realize, how precious these simple things are. The city is small, but it is good living here. I like biking around the town and admiring everything, surrounding me.