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University is celebrating its 60th anniversary!

Posted on: May 24, 2022

Creation 'The Head' revealed for UTs 60th anniversary!


To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, the University of Twente unveiled a special work of art on Thursday, 19 May: The Head. This 10-metre-tall creation by artist Joep van Lieshout has been given a prominent place at the entrance to the university grounds. 

The sculpture is made of copper, a metal with associations to ancient cultures that is also of crucial importance in the digital age. The enormous head also seems to refer to the Easter Island statues, from a civilisation that went down because of its own environmental problems. You can climb the statue. By standing on top of it, you look at the world, as it were, from the perspective of knowledge.
The Head is one of the many art pieces that can be found on campus.

On the occasion of the UT’s 60th anniversary, mayor of Enschede Roelof Bleker presented an honorary medal (the so-called Enschede Penning) to the Executive Board. The UT is of great value for Enschede and this region. With its story about science, technology, learning and exploring. But above all about people who are connected. The UT has an active network of 45.000 alumni around the world. The UT puts Enschede in the spotlight and contributes to the image of the city.

The erepenning is rewarded to people or organisations which are of great importance for the city of Enschede.