Latest Corona virus updates (COVID-19)

Current Student FAQs (latest update: 15 January 2022)


Q: Will Twente Pathway College be teaching on campus?

Twente Pathway College has offered on-campus teaching since September 2021. In the period between 29 November 2021 and 14 January 2022 the College needed to shift to fully online education following the Dutch government and The University of Twente’ policies and guidelines. The content and quality of all our modules will stay the same, meaning students will be able to progress as normal upon successful completion of your studies. A safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff remains the highest priority.

Twente Pathway College has been offering face-to-face education since Monday 17 January. It is mandatory to wear a face mask on campus and we strongly advice our students to keep 1,5 meters distance.
On Tuesday 22 February the government will decide if more measures can be lifted


Q: Is the library on campus open?

 A: Yes, the library is open. You can check the daily opening hours here


Q: Are the sport facilities open?
A: The UT sports facilities are currently open. Sports competitions may again be organised between teams from different clubs. For the use of indoor facilities, including changing rooms, toilets and canteens, a corona access card is required. All information about the use of sports facilities on the UT campus can be found on the website of the Sports Centre.


Q: Will shops be open?
A: All shops are open. Bars, restaurants and cultural institutions are allowed to re-open with some restrictions: closing time of 22.00 hours, permanent seat is required and a a coronavirus entry pass (Digital COVID Certificate) is obligatory. 


Q: Do I need to wear a face mask on campus?
A: It is now mandatory to wear a face mask in UT buildings and in classrooms. So please don't forget to bring a face mask if you have to be in an UT building. If you move through the buildings, your face mask must be on; When sitting down, the face mask can be taken off if you keep 1.5 meters distance. If it is not possible to keep a distance, you must wear a face mask. You may then (temporarily) remove it if that is necessary for the activity, for example when speaking in a group or when eating and drinking


Q: Can I study online for a longer duration, including when on-campus teaching resumes?

A: Twente Pathway College is offering on-campus classes. Students are expected on campus to continue their study and living experience in the Netherlands. Make sure you adjust your travel plans accordingly, considering the time spent in quarantine after an international travel during the break. 


Q: Will online attendance be monitored?

A: Attendance is monitored. It is essential for students to follow the classes and actively participate. Students still must achieve 85% attendance. In case students have low attendance, they might not be able to progress to UT’s bachelor programmes.  


Q: Will the exams be online or face-to-face?

A: Examinations will take place on campus.


Q: How can I get support from Twente Pathway College?
A: Our Student Support team is always available to provide the right level of care and support. The Student Support Desk will be closed due to safety precautions. However, students who would like to meet with the team can make an appointment via the planner (https://tpcplanner/utwente/#/en) or e-mail to


Q: How is the Twente Pathway College supporting students who suspect they have COVID-19?

A: If a student gets Covid-19 he or she should stay at home to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. The Student Support Office will contact the student to hear how things are going. In case of an emergency students are informed that they can reach us 24/7 via our emergency phone number.


Q: As a current student in The Netherlands, are Covid-19 diagnoses and treatments covered by Dutch health insurance?

A: All students have received information around medical insurance prior to arrival and during the induction week. Having insurance for medical costs is mandatory for our students. The insurance TPC recommends covers treatment that is medically required in relation to Covid-19.


If I need to be in quarantine once I arrive in the Netherlands, will I have the possibility to follow the classes online?

We are prepared to offer the classes online whenever is necessary. Please follow the advised quarantine of 10 days once you arrive in the Netherlands and we will inform you about how and when to attend the online classes. All incoming travelers from non-EU countries need to show a negative PCR test (no more than 48 hours before departure in the foreign country) or an antigen test no more than 24 hours before departure in the foreign country). 


When do I have to quarantine?

You do not have to go into quarantine if you have been in contact with a person who tested positive, in case you have no complaints yourself. There are different rules for different groups. Students under the age of 18 do not have to go into quarantine at all. If you are over 18 - this also applies to non-students - and you have tested positive for corona within the last 8 weeks, you do not have to go into quarantine either. Also if you have received a booster shot (more than a week ago) you do not have to go into quarantine. The advice remains to use self-tests as a precaution.

The Quarantine Check on the website of the Dutch government can help you determine exactly what applies to you.



Can I use public transport?

Travelling with public transport is allowed because giving and following education is seen as a necessary activity. Do you have other ways to get to THUAS? If so, it may be wise to make use of them.


Q: What tools do I need for the online classes?

  • Download Zoom on your Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet
  • Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet with a webcam option
  • A stable internet connection is a must-have
  • Allow the program to use an audio system of your device: Headphones and microphone

Q: How to contact teachers?

A: Use Moodle to contact your teacher. Once you log in to the system, on the top right corner, you can find the button to open chat. Use it to write a new message to the teacher.


Where can I find an overview of the current measures in the Netherlands? 

Basic measures continue to apply and include extra (hand) hygiene measures, stay home and get tested when not feeling well. For more information around this, we also refer to the THPC Pre-Departure Guide you will recive from us. For a full overview, we refer to this government website. . 


What has the Dutch government communicated about vaccination of the Dutch people? 

All international students living in the Netherlands are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. 

For more information, including about the order in which different groups are expected to be invited for vaccination: 


Can international students receive the COVID-19 vaccination in the Netherlands?

All international students in the Netherlands can get vaccinated. Our students have three options, if they wish to get vaccinated in the Netherlands:

  • Tere is no need to wait for your registration at the municipality. You can go to Vaccination locations in your neighbourhood without an appointment with passport and visa letter. Check the vaccination locations and opening times here: 

    You can wait for your registration at the municipality. Once you received the social security number (BSN), you can apply for DigiD. DigiD allows you to identify yourself when making arrangements on the internet, such as with the government, educational institutes or healthcare institutions. Once you receive and activate your DigiD, you can make an appointment to get vaccinated online.

In any case, please save the papers you will receive from the vaccination centre in order to get your official vaccination certificate.

For more information, including about the order in which different groups are expected to be invited for vaccination: