Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Accommodation FAQs

Current Students

Q: What if I haven’t found accommodation before arriving?

A: Please keep in mind that groups of students will be strongly recommended to self-quarantine after arrival, you will need to have a place to stay. As always, the College recommends against traveling to the Netherlands without having secured a suitable place to stay. Please check the College website for further guidance or reach out to the College team directly.


Q: Will I get accommodation fees back if I don’t start studying on-campus until later?

A: Studying online instead of on-campus will be a temporary solution, since once travel restrictions are lifted for your case, we expect you to arrive on campus. For that reason we strongly suggest you to keep your booked accommodation and pay the rent in the meantime. Contract dates cannot be changed if booking with assistance of the college. Please consider that cancelling your room may most probably mean facing difficulties later in finding a new place to stay. For further questions please contact your housing provider.


Q: Will University-managed and accommodation booked via Twente Pathway College continue to stay open?

A: Accommodation via the College will stay open during the period in which the Dutch government takes measures to reduce the risk of the virus. Our students have private studios meaning that they do not have to live and interact with other people directly and follow measures relating to social distances.


Q: Will private student accommodation continue to stay open?

A: Students who have arranged their own accommodation, can stay where they are. In case students would experience any further difficulties, they may always reach out to the College’s student support team.


Q: I am not going to use my student accommodation until 1 June, what can I do?

A: Please keep into account that having a permanent address is mandatory. Students without a permanent address risk losing their right to stay and study in The Netherlands. In case you need further information regarding your accommodation, please contact directly your housing provider:

Xior: enschede@xior.nl Camelot: bewonerszaken@cameloteurope.com


Q: Will there be visa implications if I cancel my rooms?

A: To keep residency in the Netherlands, students need a permanent address. Having no permanent address is not allowed. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) performs regular checks of international students with residence permits against municipality records. These systems are linked. It is truly a very big risk for students to take and especially when you are not in the Netherlands.


Q: Who do I contact with accommodation related questions?

A: Students may contact their housing provider for accommodation related questions. It is the best, fastest and more reliable source to receive information concerning accommodation. In case students would experience any further difficulties, they may always reach out to the College’s student support team.


Future Students


Q: When will I be able to book accommodation for September 2020 start date? If so, where can I find this information?

A: The booking process for accommodation has started. We are closely working with housing providers to ensure that we will provide our future students with the most appropriate and updated information for the September 2020 intake accommodation options. We offer both accommodation on campus and in the city centre. You can find more information on https://www.twentepathway.nl/accommodation


Q: Who can I contact if I have any general questions?
A: You can contact us via general@twentepathway.nl or +31 (0)53 – 489 1516.
Or questions specifically for the housing provider?
Please contact bewonerszaken@camelot.com Camelot or enschede@xior.nl for Xior


Q: What is the rent per month and what is included?
A: Camelot: rent including service costs and water, gas, electricity, furniture starts from: € 693
Xior: rent including service costs and water, gas, electricity, furniture starts from: € 552


Q: What are the one- off costs?
Cleaning costs room before arrival:   100
Administration costs: € 75
Deposit: € 1000

The municipality of Enschede will levy one-time municipal taxes. The tenant is expected to pay these taxes.



Students can order a:

  • Linen package available with sheets and duvet
  • Kitchenware package available at with cutlery, casserole, pan.
  • Laundry machines and dryers at additional cost, pay-per-us

Q: How can I book?
A: You can book via the websites of the housing providers. Click here for a guide how to book step by step.

Camelot:       https://nl.cameloteurope.com/property/346-Enschede 
Xior:             www.xior-booking.com.
                    Booking code for TPC students:


Please use google chrome as this provider supports the websites of both housing providers best.


Q: What are the steps in the booking process?

  • Register via the booking site
  • After registration you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The housing provider will send you an email with the request to upload some documents (such as a copy of your passport and bank card and offer letter).
  • After returning these documents the housing provider will issue a contract within 5-7 working days
  • Fill in the contract and return it within 3-4 working days. Pay the deposit of 1,000 and the first month rent.
  • Before arriving, the housing provider will set a date with you to hand out the keys.

Q: Can I also book a studio if I’m under 18?
A: TPC students can book a studio under the age of 18. The parents or guardians are asked to sign the contract on behalf of the student.


Q: What is the start / end date of the contract?
Start date contract Camelot: 1 September 2020
End date contract: 31 August 2021

Start date contract Xior: 27 August 2020
End date contract Xior: 26 August 2021

This means that you can move into your new studio before the start of the academic year to get settled a bit.


Q: What if I book my room and I must cancel it due to COVID-19?
A: You can cancel your room before the start date of your housing contract. This process runs via the accommodation provider you selected.
Xior will charge you 75 euros administration fee. Your deposit will be refunded.
Camelot will charge you 250 euros administration fee and one month of rent.


Q: What if I book my room and the IFY will start with online teaching? Do I still need to pay my rent?
A: Based on the current situation, we are confident that the September 2020 intake will start as normal. We expect to be teaching at campus. We will offer an online version of the programme next to the face-to-face teaching on the campus in case some students would yet be unable to travel to the Netherlands.

If you would possibly arrive a bit after the start of the programme, we would generally recommend to book accommodation and take the limited risk of paying for the room and possibly moving in later. Contract dates cannot be changed if booking with assistance of the college. In this way you will have a guaranteed room which is very comfortable and reassuring considering today’s circumstances. Waiting until later may most probably mean no accommodation is available.


Q: Will there be living other TPC students in the Camelot and Xior building?
A: Yes, there will be many TPC students living in both accommodations. This gives our students the opportunity to mingle and to get to know fellow students in an easy way.