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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Accommodation During Your International Foundation Year at Twente Pathway College

What are the accommodation options in my first year?

Our offer consists of well-designed and furnished en-suite studio apartments with kitchenette and private bathroom on campus an in the city centre. Other facilities are a laundry area – bicycle storage -study area – terrace – Wifi. You will have your personal mailbox during your stay. A caretaker is regularly present to assist in relevant matters. The city centre is 15 minutes from the UT by bike and by buss.

Is accommodation guaranteed?

  • Our team will help in booking student housing for this first year of your stay in Holland.
    However, finding accommodation is your own responsibility.
  • You can always reach out to the team for advice or support preferable by emailing via Study Link account or
  • We will do our very best to provide accommodation to all students, however we are unable to guarantee a room if they apply late.
  • We strongly recommend you make use of TPC’s housing recommendations.
  • We discourage traveling to Enschede without having secured a suitable place to live.
  • Also having a permanent home address is a requirement to legally stay in the country.

What is the monthly rent?

Plaza Resident Services

Monthly rental costs range start from €918,95 per month. Deposit: 1,250 EUR

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Laundry and dryers at additional cost 450 EUR per use

To complete your booking process the following payments are required and should be made to Plaza:

A deposit of €1,250
One month rent
Administration and service fees

Can I rent linen or kitchenware package via Plaza?

Plaza doesn’t offer. Students can easily buy these supplies in the city centre.

Xior: Monthly rental costs range start from €810 – €930 per month. Deposit 1,000 EUR

Xior Residence


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You can order these options during the booking process

To complete your booking process the following payments are required and should be made to Xior:

The deposit: €1,000
One month rent (depending on your choice of studio)
The administration fee: €75
The cleaning fee: €115

What are the on-off costs (€)?

Upon completing the booking process, a refundable deposit, one month rent, and administration and service fees will be required to finalise the booking process. These costs should be paid to the housing providers.

Will the studio be cleaned and are these costs in the rent included?

Plaza / Xior will clean the studio before moving in / out. Costs Xior: 115 euro. Cleaning package upon arrival 50 euro.

When can I apply for accommodation?

You can start booking from April 2023 onwards.

How can I book Plaza Resident Services?

Plaza Resident Services:

  1. Register via the Plaza booking site website
  2. Plaza will send you the activation link. After the account is activated, you can immediately upload the required documents:
    • copy of your passport
    • copy of your current bank card or credit card
    • your offer letter.
  3. The upload needs to be done in your account under ‘documents’. You have 48 hours to upload these documents after activating your account. Otherwise, Plaza will cancel your application.
  4. After returning these documents Plaza will issue your contract
  5. Sign each page of the contract and return it to Plaza as soon as possible
  6. Pay the deposit € 1,250, administration costs and the first month rent.
    Only then the booking will be final.

For any questions about the booking please contact Plaza Resident Services:
Tel: 088 – 226 35 18 during office hours from Monday – Friday 09:00-17:00.

How can I book Xior?


  • Book your studio apartment
    Please use the accommodation booking code. This can be found in your Accommodation handbook which you will have recieved from TPC. Please contact us if you need further assistance.
  • Xior will send you an email with the request to upload the following documents:
    copy of your passport
    copy of your current bank card or credit card.
  • After returning these documents, Xior will issue your contract.
  • Sign each page of the contract and return it to Xior as soon as possible to finalise your booking.
  • To secure your contract, pay:
    the deposit 1,000
    first month of rent
    administration fee costs 75
    end of contract cleaning fee 115

Only then the booking will be final. For any questions about the booking please contact Xior
Tel: +31 (0) 88 6000 189 during office hours from Monday – Friday 10.00-16.00.

I’m under 18. Can I book a studio?

TPC students can book a studio under the age of 18. The parents or guardians are asked to sign the contract on behalf of the student.

I try to book a studio at Xior, but I don’t succeed. What should I do?

Make sure you select a studio with “TPC” at the right below corner.

Sometimes when people click on available studios to have a look, they will temporarily disappear. If you don’t see studios available, please re-try after 30 minutes.

What are the payment methods of the monthly rent?

Via bank transfer, credit card +3.5%, and invoice (hasn’t the preference. Only in rare cases).

Once you have opened a Dutch bank account you can chose to pay the rent from this account. We will share more information about opening a bank account in our pre-departure guide and pre-departure webinar in August 2023.

Will there be living other TPC students in the Plaza Resident Services and Xior building?

Yes, there will be many TPC students living in both accommodations. This gives our students the opportunity to mingle and to get to know fellow students in an easy way.

What should I bring with me?

The studios at Plaza Resident and Xior are with furniture such as a bed, desk, chair, closet. You can buy bed linen, duvet and pillow towels, pans, kitchen utensils at furniture shops close to the UT or at IKEA.

Xior offers linen and starter packages, for rent. You can also order a router and TPC link. You can choose this option during your booking.

When does the contract start – end?

1 September 2023 – 31 August 2024.

Can I move in before start date contract?

This will be looked at case by case. If the current tenant moves out earlier, student might be able to move in earlier. He can send the request to Plaza / Xior.

Can I cancel it during the year?

There is a fixed rental period of 12 months.

Please note that contract for each accommodation partner, The Plaza Residence & Xior, is for one year (12 months). Shorter or longer stays are not permitted, therefore leaving your accommodation earlier may have consequences including penalty fees.

Do I have to pay municipal taxes? Can I cancel it during the year?

All tenants are responsible for their taxes. The Municipality of Enschede will charge one-time municipal taxes to all tenants.

I have booked via the website, but haven’t heard from Plaza/Xior yet?

During peak periods, it may take some time for accommodation providers to send confirmations. We recommend sending an email directly to the accommodation provider where you booked your place. Please use the following email addresses for assistance:

For XIOR Booking:

For PLAZA Booking:

I have shared the required documents, but Plaza/Xior haven’t received these?

Please send your documents via your Studylink account. Our Admissions team will make sure that those documents reach your booked accommodation provider, Xior or Plaza.

Where do I live after my first year?

We will provide you with a list of housing options and providers. You can apply for a room at the dorm on campus. Many students also decide to share a house together. They split rent which makes it attractive regarding the costs. As you will have built up a network and as you can start looking for a place to stay early, normally you will be able to find a room.

Will you organise some accommodation & visa webinars?

Twente Pathway College will host live sessions. We will share more in-depth information about admissions, student life, the curriculum and especially about accommodation and the visa process. You will have plenty of opportunities to chat with our team and ask us any questions you may have. Please register in advance.

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Can I talk to a current student about the student accommodation TPC offers?

We cordially invite you to chat to one of our student ambassadors. They are happy to share their experiences of living on campus and in the city centre with you.

You can start conversation now

Who can I contact if I have general questions?

You can contact us via
Or questions specifically for the housing provider:
Plaza Resident Services:
Tel: +31 (0) 88 2263 568 during office hours from Monday – Friday 09:00-17:00.
Tel: +31 (0) 88 6000 189 during office hours from Monday – Friday 10.00-16.00

Where can I find some more information?

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Important dates in the admissions process

15 June 2023: application deadline
Other important dates in the admissions process are:
1 July 2023: payment deadline
8 July 2023: visa documents deadline

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