Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Latest Information

Coronavirus Update

An important message for the TPC community about arrangements to deal with Coronavirus

Last updated: 31/03/2020


We’re ensuring support, guidance and information for staff and students is on TPC’s Coronavirus webpage. The content will be updated when new information becomes available, and we'll be emailing our students with the latest updates regularly.

Please follow the official Dutch Government website in English for updated concerning the most essential information and measurements:

Current students

Following guidelines set out by the University of Twente and the Dutch government, we have decided to extend the period for (solely) providing online education from 6 April to 1 June. By extending our online education, we strive to provide more clarity for both staff and students. In addition, we can now invest more attention to the quality of our online education.

The Dutch government announced that schools will remain closed until at least the end of the May school holidays. In case government regulations would change before 1 June, we will assess at that time what activities would still be feasible at the campus.

We are also investigating what options we have for activities for which there is no online alternative available, such as some practical assignments and exams. But we would like to stress that we expect exams to be held in June as normal.

The programme will continue with all intended content and students will be able to progress upon successful completion

How to contact teachers?

Please, use Moodle to contact your teacher. Once you log in to the system, on the top right corner, you can find the button to open chat. Use it to write a new message to the teacher.

Why I do not see any classes in my timetable?

Your planned exams are temporarily cancelled which means that from 23 – 27 March you do not have any online classes. Moreover, from 30 March – 03 April spring break takes place. Classes will resume once the next term commences on 6 April 2020.

When will I have classes?

TPC starts a new term (term 3) on 6 April 2020, meaning that your classes will start on the same day. Soon, you will be able to see your new timetable, including information on how they will be taught. Our academic team is preparing online teaching in case face-to-face education, following Dutch governmental instructions, cannot yet resume.

Will we start term 3 online or offline?

Currently, TPC is following government instructions. Student Support will inform you accordingly, and the academic team is preparing online teaching in case face-to-face education cannot yet resume.

Remember, attending the classes will help you succeed your foundation year and start your bachelor degree at The University of Twente. 

What tools do I need for the online classes?

  • Download Zoom on your Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet
  • Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet with a webcam option
  • A stable internet connection is a must-have
  • Allow the program to use audio system of your devise: Headphones and microphone

Travel & Visa Regulations

What are the current travel regulations?

The Dutch Government advices to travel abroad only if essential.

The Dutch governementis advising against traveling abroadThis means that, as of now, the Netherlands’ travel advice for all countries stands at least at ‘orange’: travel only if absolutely essential.

Dutch residence permit holder, including our students, can still freely enter the EU Schengen areas, but travel options and available flights may be limited. If you have plans to travel, consider whether they are really necessary. Postpone the trip if possible or cancel it. If you are currently abroad, decide whether you truly need to continue your stay and find out whether you are able to leave the country. Contact your airline or travel organisation for advice. 

Can I go to my home country between now and the start of term 3?

When taking the current situation into account, the best advice would be to follow Dutch local instructions and to not leave the country at the moment, at the same time, we would fully understand if the families decides otherwise.   

We do not encourage students to take unnecessary travel. Air travel in particular may increase the risk of transmission and there are a number of global travel restrictions in place. 

Please also bear in mind that this is a global situation and not something local. Leaving one place for another is not a solution - unnecessary (air) travel, if anything, would increase the risk. We are continuing to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and we are working on alternative delivery options such as online classes enabling students to stay at home. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule lectures/classes to accommodate all time zones. We will send out information regarding this as soon as possible.

In case you decide to go home, you need to return the moment regular classes will resume. This is not to be expected in the next weeks. However, at the same time we all need to bear in mind that the virus runs its own pace in different parts of the world. Meaning that classes in the Netherlands, including in our college, may resume before flights between The Netherlands and your home country may resume. This would lead to attendance issues and jeopardize students’ progression.

What are the current visa regulations?

Dutch visa regulations imply that students can only benefit from having a foundation year visa once - for a maximum duration of 12 months. Deferral or reapplication at a later stage is therefore not a possibility. Students leaving the programme unfortunately lose access to their planned progression degree programme.

Please follow the official Dutch Government website in English for updated concerning the most essential information and measurements:


Student Support & Facilities

How can the TPC Student Support help me?

We continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis to help students and staff in the best possible ways and our student support teams will remain available at all times to provide the right level of care and support.

The Student Support Desk is closed due to safety precautions. However, Student Support will be available via telephone +31(0)53-4891515 and by e-mail ( And when applicable, Student Support will make arrangements for video calling. At the moment, our Student Support Coordinators are calling all our students personally to hear about their well-being.

Are the University facilities open?

Over the last few days, UT noted that the vast majority of staff members are able to work from home. Therefore, the university have decided to close all UT buildings.

Only in the building De Spiegel study/working space is offered for students and lecturers with an appropriate distance between it.
  ●   All buildings on campus will be closed and are only accessible by using your employee card when authorised to enter the buildings outside office hours. The same rules as always apply, but also in this case, we urge you not to come to campus when not strictly necessary. 
  ●   Research activities in the lab will be reduced to an absolute minimum. This will be done in close consultation between facility supervisors and users. As the use of several labs require strict safety measures, proceeding with research activities is not possible in all cases.
  ●   The Sports Centre will be closed, as the physiotherapy practice has also decided to postpone all activities.
  ●   The service desks of various internal services are open for business as usual. You may contact them by phone or email, unless stated otherwise on their products and services page.


September 2020 Planning & Enrolments

COVID-19 is a unique situation that we are dealing with, however it is also a temporary situation. We expect the College to return to face to face teaching well before the start of the International Foundation Year in September and current restrictions to be lifted.  We are determined to offer our study programme to our students, and in the unlikely case of a longer lasting impact of COVID-19 we will offer the first part of the programme via online delivery.


Your college team in the Netherlands is currently working from home however supports all the September intake applicants as we do in any other situation. Covid-19 is a unique situation that we are dealing with, but we hope and assume that by September all current restrictions will be lifted.

Will the deadlines for the application and visa process change? 

For now the application and visa process deadlines remain as they are. We will inform our  future students in case there are changes. 

  • Application Deadline: 1 July 2020
  • Visa & Payment Deadline: 15 July 2020

*Due to strict Dutch visa regulations, high-risk countries (Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nepal and Pakistan) have early deadlines. 

What if I obtain my academic records late?

Some students may face difficulties in obtaining academic records prior to the final deadline (1 July 2020). Please note that we will only need final diplomas and transcripts by 1 November 2020 for students enrolling in TPC in September 2020. Students can start their visa process and study period based on a provisional acceptance letter. This is common practice in The Netherlands and will continue to be the case in the light of present conditions.

What if I cannot take an IELTS or TOEFL test?

Please contact us personally about your current situation. This is the best way to help you for now. More general information may become available at a later stage.

Can I pay my tuition fee and get my refund if the coronavirus situation doesn’t let me start my classes in September? 

We expect to start our International Foundation Year in September, as foreseen. In the unlikely event of a longer lasting effect of the virus in daily life, we will offer online teaching and technology as an alternative teaching method. Students will then be able to arrive once the situation improves. So good news, you will be able to start your studies! In case you would not feel comfortable with the solutions we offer, we are open to consider refund requests.

Can I contact you about accommodation questions, in general and in relation to the virus?

Please reach out to us whenever you have a question. Later this Spring we will organize a webinar to inform you about accommodation options and the booking process.

Regarding the accommodation and the coronavirus, when can I start booking my accommodation? 

The booking process for accommodation will open no later than May. Nevertheless, you can already send an email to if you are interested to receive updates about accommodation.   

What will happen regarding the IB examinations?

We are working hard with our partner universities on what the effect of the cancelation of the IB examinations will be. We are expecting that there will be solutions for this at a Dutch national level, since many students are in a similar position, including secondary school students in the Netherlands themselves. We will need a bit of time to be able to come back with suitable solutions, but feel confident there will be appropriate measures in place 

Did the academic year change due to the coronavirus? 

The structure of the academic year for now remains as follows:

Induction week 14 - 18 September 2020
Term 1 21 September - 11 December 2020
Term 2  11 January - 26 March 2021
Term 3 6 April – 30 June 2021

Will there be another Open Day at the University of Twente?

The Open Day will not take place in a physical form. The university is investigating the possibilities of organizing the Open Day in a virtual format. Information will follow soon.